October 19, 2020

Client Spotlight: Gillian Widmer


Show: NPC Tahoe, September 26th 2020

Placings: 2nd Bikini Open, 1st Bikini First Time Novice, 1st Bikini Hero

I cannot recommend Coach Joe enough. I felt lost in the process of competing, but also thought I didn’t really need helping working out. Shamefully, when I look back at where I started, I’m thankful Coach Joe and Cherish saw potential in me because man did I need them!

I reached out to Next Level and within 24 hours I had a response. I felt so relieved to not be in it alone. After a detailed assessment, Coach Joe sent me a full program and meal plan with extreme consideration to make it as close to my current eating habits and diet preferences. It was clear that he was experienced in making sure the competitor could adhere to the diet, and paid close attention to what I was logging. There was no drastic caloric deficits or trendy weight loss methods, I felt healthier than ever while dieting under Joe’s guidance, even during the final week of prep.

As for working out, I learned a tremendous amount from him, and my plan was tailored towards areas in my physique that needed extra work. Additionally, he was able to adapt to my required military workouts that most likely threw a wrench in his plan. Coach Joe closely monitored my lifting form and made corrections to bad lifting habits I’ve had for years. I could go on forever, but Coach Joe is the only reason I had a great first NPC Bikini experience.

I felt healthier, stronger, and saw results throughout the duration of my prep. He is also available when you need him, great sense of humor, extremely knowledgable, and flexible to meet your specific needs.  

Thanks to Next Level Posing Coach Cherish, I was not a complete embarrassment on stage. I had no clue what I was getting into but luckily Coach Cherish intervened. It’s truly amazing how capable she is to make you look like a natural. I felt confident in the posing routine she helped me create over Skype and she sent back regular feedback on videos. She improved all of my poses, down to the degree in which my feet were placed and is extremely energetic, not to mention a fantastic role model in the sport!

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