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We are a small, but HIGHLY competitive International Bikini Competition Prep Team that focuses on utilizing the healthiest approach possible while remaining competitive in an industry full of coaches and competitors who will do ANYTHING to win. We were one of the VERY FIRST Bikini Teams, and the ONLY one that can boast a 90% placing rate since 2010.  Non-Competitors welcome!

Happy, Healthy and Successful Clients

I intend to go pro this year, because I stayed with Next Level... 

Coach Joe has proven to know exactly how to evolve things to keep me constantly improving beyond what I could achieve on my own!"

Kori Black Top 5 NPC National Competitor

next level bikini prep Holly Talcott

Joe has shown me how enjoyable prep can be given the right coach and plan. Everything from my diet to my cardio plan is dialed in for my specific needs so I am never consuming too much or too little or spending endless hours doing cardio every week."

Holly Talcott - NPC National Level Competitor

He sent me a full program and meal plan with extreme consideration to make it as close to my current eating habits and diet preferences. It was clear that he was experienced in making sure the competitor could adhere to the diet"

Gillian Widmer - NPC National Level Competitor

All Levels Welcome!

We're more than just a bikini team. We also have non-competitor programs that are highly effective yet very flexible.

Exercise Video Reviews

All of our clients submit video of themselves performing the lifts for us to review and critique. Training is adjusted accordingly.

Meal Plans AND Macros!

We don't just give you macro targets and wish you luck...all clients get custom meal plans as well, and can request new foods!

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THE biggest reason girls don't place: Their posing/stage presence is off.  And the most common reason for this is simply not practicing enough, and not getting ongoing help.  We have posing/presentation options for in-person, Skype and video reviews.  We also help with finding the perfect suit, hairstyle, and all the polish that will set you apart!

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