May 10, 2019

22 NLPT Clients Brought Home 49 Top 5 trophies in 29 shows over 13 months

Just thought I’d give a quick update on our success rate lately. We’re still right around our usual 90% placing rate since we started back in 2010.

Over the past 13 months, we’ve put 22 different girls on stage (I told you we were a small team! :). Collectively they brought home 49 top 5 trophies/swords in just 29 competitions. That averages out to 1.7 trophies/swords per client per show!

18 of the 29 trophies/swords were FIRST PLACE class and/or overall wins.

The best part? Only ONE of these 22 clients had ever competed prior to working with us, and only 9 had even been to a show to watch.

This only includes clients who we FULLY prepped (diet, training, supplementation, posing, etc). The only clients it EXCLUDES are posing-only clients. I’m looking into placing rates for posing-only clients…we estimate that pretty much all of them placed top 5 just, going off of memory.

Oh, and all of these clients were 100% online :). We haven’t had a 100% in-person competitor client since 2013.

Curious as to how this stacks up against other Competition Coaches/Teams’ placing rate for mostly first time competitors? So are we lol…nobody seems to be very transparent about their team placing rates. You can pretty often find coaches brag about total number of pro cards earned, but without knowing percentages you really can’t gauge how well they’re doing, how many people they’re helping, how many they’re sweeping under the rug, etc. I’m guessing we’re leading the industry in this area though…probably by a pretty large margin.

I’m in the process of getting permission to use first names and/or Instagram profile names (many of our clients wish to remain anonymous, which we 100% respect) and photos, but here is an anonymous list of placings for the time being:

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