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Gillian Widmer

NPC National Bikini Competitor

"Coach Joe closely monitored my lifting form and made corrections to bad lifting habits I’ve had for years!...

I reached out to Next Level and within 24 hours I had a response. I felt so relieved to not be in it alone. After a detailed assessment, Coach Joe sent me a full program and meal plan with extreme consideration to make it as close to my current eating habits and diet preferences. It was clear that he was experienced in making sure the competitor could adhere to the diet, and paid close attention to what I was logging. There was no drastic caloric deficits or trendy weight loss methods, I felt healthier than ever while dieting under Joe’s guidance, even during the final week of prep." click to view full testimonial/photos

Kori Black

NPC Top 5 National Bikini Competitor

"I intend to go Pro this year, but only because I stayed with Next Level...

Coach Joe is super knowledgable and every aspect of my gym routine and my diet are adjusted and customized for me personally based on my progress.  At 4′ 11″, my needs are different than other girls.  When my quads began to develop at a faster rate than the rest of me, he quickly corrected things for more balance.  When I wanted specific foods, he adjusted my meal plan to make them fit until I was comfortable doing so on my own.  

I intend to go Pro this year, but only because I stayed with Next Level.  Coach Joe has proven to know exactly how to evolve things to keep me constantly improving beyond what I could achieve on my own!" click to view full testimonial/photos

Next Level Bikini Prep Melanie

Melanie Barrera

NPC National Bikini Competitor

"We brought home two medals from my first show!...

I aspired to compete for many years before I sought help to make those dreams come true. I talked to a few coaches before coming across Joe at Next Level. What immediately set him apart from the others is that he gave me a game plan. He outlined everything for me and made everything make sense for a first time competitor. Along the way, he has continued to provide reasoning as to what we are doing and answers all questions I have. He has taught me how to eat to properly fuel my body and does not starve me. He also takes the time to ensure workouts are being done correctly to obtain maximum results! Everything has been tailored to my needs and what works for my body. With all that said, we have been able to completely transform my body, resulting in not only a stage-ready physique, but also an extreme boost of confidence! Together, we brought home two medals from my first show and continue to improve each and every day! I am thrilled with the progress I have experienced this far, and even more thrilled for the progression that has yet to come with Next Level!"

Danielle Harris

NPC Top 10 National Bikini Competitor

"National Qualification at my First Show...

When I first joined Next Level Bikini Team I didn’t have a clue about competing. Joe’s 19 years of experience in the industry made the learning process smooth and painless for me. Prep for my first show was absolutely incredible the whole way through. I’ve heard horror stories about cookie-cutter programs with coaches who severely under-feed (800 to 1000 calories per day!) their athletes. The plan you receive with Joe is anything but that. He recognizes that everyone is different, and truly tweaks your program to fit your individual needs. As an active duty soldier, prepping for a show came with a lot of special hurdles. Despite all of that, we landed a national qualification at my very first NPC competition. Over one year on this team and I still get excited for check-ins and changes to my program! I highly recommend his services to anyone who is serious about getting into the best shape of their lives, whether they wish to compete or not. Our percentages are the best out there, and numbers don’t lie!"

next level bikini prep Holly Talcott

Holly Talcott

NPC National Bikini Competitor

"Joe Showed me how Enjoyable Prep can be...

Prepping with Next Level has been unlike any other training I have ever received. Joe has shown me how enjoyable prep can be given the right coach and plan. Everything from my diet to my cardio plan is dialed in for my specific needs so I am never consuming too much or too little or spending endless hours doing cardio every week. I highly recommend working with Next Level to achieve any fitness goal!"

Raevin Racquel

NPC National Bikini Competitor

"This is no 'One Size Fits All' Program...

I trained with Joe for just over a year, and saw more change in my body than I have in the whole 4 plus years I trained without him. I did less than half the cardio I used to, and ate almost triple the amount of carbs. Joe takes time with you and really cares about his clients! It's not just a cookie cutter meal and training plan. This isn't a one size fits all. He takes time to get to know his girls and makes sure we are set up on the proper meal plans for our bodies and goals. Joe is very knowledgeable and is about doing things the right healthy way! I highly recommend Next Level to every bikini girl!!! I'm telling you you won't be disappointed!!!"

Ashley Rapaglia

NPC National Bikini Competitor

"He Perfected Every Aspect of my Routine...

I’ve been competing for three years and training and eating well for as long as I can remember. My results somehow always fell short in achieving the physique I really wanted. It wasn’t until Joe carefully evaluated what my body really needed in order to give me the results I was looking for. He perfected every aspect of my routine from training and proper form/technique to nutrition and timing/macros to supplementation to digestive health to sleep and everything in between. No piece of the puzzle gets left out. He will give you every tool you need to accomplish your goals and hold you accountable to make sure you’re progressing. It takes someone with extensive knowledge, training, and experience to be able to coach athletes like Joe does. We sculpted a physique that I never thought I could achieve. In the time I have been with Joe I have learned a great deal about myself, my body, and all of the things that go into truly achieving results. I have never been happier and feel so fortunate to be a part of such an elite team of athletes!"

Next Level Bikini Client Heidi Carlsen

Heidi Carlsen

IFBB Pro Bikini Competitor

"Coach Joe is AWESOME to work with!

I prepped with Next Level Bikini Team for almost two years. Through working with NLPT I’ve been able to reach personal fitness goals and create healthy lifestyle habits. Coach Joe is very knowledgeable and awesome to work with!"

Team Canada CBBF Bikini Competitor Sarah Rennick

Sarah Rennick

2nd Place IFBB North Americans

"One of six in my country invited to IFBB Worlds...

My main goal when I came to Joe was to qualify for Canadian Nationals. Not only did I qualify for nationals but I went to nationals and got 4th! This brought me to IFBB North Americans where I placed second, and now I am going to be one of only 6 girls in my country selected to represent Team Canada at the IFBB Worlds in another attempt at my pro card. That is three national level shows this year! I can honestly say with my whole heart that I would not be where I am today without the help and support of my coach. I appreciate everyday that he saw potential in me and was willing to mentor and coach me to be a national level competitor. He never let me settle my goals for a national level invitation but has me now shooting for a pro card. This is what a coach is meant to do, look out for your health and see your potential- Joe did both and I am forever grateful."

next level bikini prep kaelyn

Kaelyn Feistel

NPC National Bikini Competitor

"Joe’s experience and guidance has helped me reach results I didn’t think were possible...

I joined Next Level Bikini Prep in May 2015, close to the end of my senior year of high school. I researched other coaches and teams with a goal to find someone who had a healthier approach and truly tailored each program. Not just some “cookie cutter/horror story” approach, but a plan where I would really see results. Being a part of Next Level and having Joe as my coach, I have learned so much about what types of training and nutrition work best for my body to reach the optimal results and then some. We have not let my younger age and lack of muscle maturity slow us down from bringing home trophies and national qualifications, even when faced against ladies who have been competing much longer than I have. Joe’s experience and guidance has helped me reach results I didn’t think were possible. I recommend training with Next Level to anyone serious about getting into the best shape of their life!"

Next Level Bikini Team Christale Maille

Christale Maille

CBBF National Bikini Competitor

"Joe was there every step of the way...

When I decided to do a provincial level show, I picked Next Level because I liked the physiques of the girls on the team and knew Joe would help me achieve that. All the meal plans and workouts are personalized and they make sure you are ready to hit the stage by helping in perfecting your posing. Even though he is 3000 miles away, I felt like Joe was there every step of the way. I followed the plan perfectly (which isn’t hard since the foods are amazing) and the physique I achieved was beyond what I thought was possible. I can’t wait to see where Next Level is going to take me next."

Cherish Hunter

NPC National Bikini Competitor

"He doesn't starve you or prescribe excessive cardio...

Joe is knowledgeable, passionate, and unlike many coaches out there, he takes the time to educate his clients. He doesn’t just tell you what to do and bark orders, but rather he explains the reasoning behind things and I love that! He empowers you and encourages you to be aware and active in your own health. He promotes healthy weight loss, and most importantly, healthy competition prep. He doesn’t starve you. He doesn’t prescribe excessive cardio. You don’t eat sticks and berries and get by on 700 calories per day with no carbs. You eat. REAL food. He doesn’t believe in excessive cardio and has old school philosophies on lifting…and they WORK. Joe is the real deal, and with so many coaches who take no mind to the havoc they are causing to their clients metabolisms, Joe stands out like a beacon in the night."

Next Level Bikini Client Amanda Jenkins

Amanda Jenkins

NPC National Bikini Competitor

"Coach Cherish ROCKS!...GREAT Posing Coach!...

We went over everything about stage presence, from my suit color to my unique routine, to call outs and even some 'tricks of the trade' that only a seasoned bikini competitor would know. Long story short, this chick rocks on so many levels and she's a great coach!"

Dawn Ryan

Top 5 NPC National Bikini Competitor

"He is thoughtful, purposeful, and regimented...

Coach Joe isn’t the type of trainer that creates a program with the philosophy of throwing everything at the wall and seeing what sticks. He is thoughtful, purposeful and regimented when creating your program and I can confidently say that this approach not only helped me bring home a few trophies (including becoming Nationally Qualified by my second NPC bikini competition) but, most importantly, helped me develop a much healthier relationship with food AND the treadmill. I firmly believe that my success story is because Coach Joe provided me with a truly personalized program that nurtured my unique circumstances and allowed me the room for real learning versus unsustainable fast results. We’re now in “improvement season” and I look forward to making even greater gains in my health and physique!"

next level bikini prep krystal testimonial

Krystal Kammeyer

NPC National Bikini Competitor

"CoachManJoe; (coach•man•joe), noun/- an extraordinary personal trainer of tremendous versatility, intelligence, and discipline who is hilarious, kind, and genuine. The only one of its kind and a blessing from God in the fitness world.

Becoming a Bikini Competitor was surprisingly an amazing, life changing experience. I have never felt better in my entire life. I feel good, I look good, and I have a fun new hobby that has introduced me to some pretty awesome people. I'm sure you hear that everyone has "the best coach ever, blah blah".. But I will say it again... Mine is the best in the industry and any one would be lucky to be a part of Next Level Bikini Prep! I am going to continue my training and I am so excited for what my future as a Next Level client has in store." (click to view full testimonial)

Charissa Tucker

IFPA Pro Bikini Competitor

"I won all my classes and earned my pro card at my first show!...

I had been following NLPT for a bit on Instagram, because competing was an inspiration of mine and all the NLPT girls looked amazing! After deciding to do my first show, and hire a coach, I applied with NLPT. My application was viewed and Coach Joe reached out to me very soon! I was so excited that he was able to take me on! His communication and work is very detailed, thorough and he is very helpful answering all of the questions and concerns you have. I can attest because I felt so annoying asking 100s of questions! Not only is he a great coach, providing you education and exactly what you need for training, and diet, he is also funny! Working with Cherish for posing is an absolute pleasure as well. She is so sweet, helpful and EMPOWERING. Coach Joe and NLPT helped me achieve an amazing physique, and goal for my first show, taking 1st in all my classes, winning the overall earning my natural pro card! Thank you Joe!"

Jennifer Jackson

NPC National Bikini Competitor

"Cherish knows my body and how it will react to macro changes and food sensitivities/intolerances better than anyone else, including myself...

Because of my GI issues I am gluten free, dairy free, grain free, and whey free…this is just personal to me. In the beginning I was able to enjoy foods with all of these ingredients, but over time Cherish and I discovered these intolerances. In other words, everyone at Next Level doesn’t get a cookie cutter meal plan of tilapia, spinach and sweet potatoes. Because they value a smaller client load they are really able to focus on customizing per the client needs." (click to view full testimonial and transformation)

Rebecca Lwin

ABF Pro Bikini Competitor

"We clicked immediately and within a very short time, Cherish had me pegged in seemingly everything… body type, mindset, work ethic, needs, likes/dislikes, even how far she could push me. 

I had originally thought that because I wasn’t overweight, I could probably hit the stage within 6 months max. How wrong I was!! I was quickly acquainted to the “building” part of “bodybuilding”… Cherish had me lifting hard and heavy 5 days a week and we built my calorie intake up to 2600. It was a lot of food for a girl who’s lifelong philosophy had been “smaller is better!”  But I trusted Cherish implicitly as I knew she was leading me down a path of not only physical growth, but mental and spiritual growth as well." (click to view full testimonial and transformation)