Ideal Stage Weight for Bikini Competitors

Here I go letting all the secrets out again.  I’ve become a bit of a statistics nerd since learning to build my own database for my bikini prep business.  One thing I’ve been looking at lately is the ideal stage weight for bikini competitors.

I’ve always had a good feel for what the ideal weight range is for a given height, but just recently I decided to see if there might be a consistent formula to determine this that would be accurate for girls anywhere from 4′ to 7′ tall.

And there is.  Its the otherwise mostly useless BMI (Body Mass Index) formula.  Yes, I know it doesn’t differentiate between 130lbs of muscle and 130lbs of fat…but neither do the judges if you’re 5’2″ tall.  At 5’2″ 130lbs, you won’t place well (if at all), regardless of what your bodyfat % is…if you can even measure it accurately.

No, you’re actually going to have to be within a pretty tight range of normal for your height if you want to be competitive.  Now don’t get me wrong…I’m not saying that if 5’2″ at 111lbs is an ideal height/weight, that you will be competitive JUST because you’ve achieved those numbers.

I’m saying that you probably won’t be if you’re far off from that.  There is A LOT more at play than height/weight, and body composition does come into play.  But in my experience, body composition testing (four compartment models aside) is WAY too inaccurate for lean individuals, and BMI is EXTREMELY consistent amongst well prepped competitors of all heights.  My observations AND my data reflect that.

So how do you calculate your ideal stage weight for bikini, based on this BMI formula?  Well, I could give you the BMI formula and you could use 8th grade math to do the rest.  Or, you can just use this handy calculator I created.  It will give you a specific number, but I would say within 2-3lbs of that number would be about right.  There are of course some exceptions, but in 90% of cases, the ideal will be within 2-3lbs of the number.

Here is what I’ve determined for ideal stage BMI ranges:

A BMI of 19-19.5 can be fine for some girls…will be too skinny for many though.

A BMI of 19.5-20.5 is the MOST ideal BMI for a fully prepped bikini competitor.

A BMI of 20.5-21 can be fine for girls who carry their muscle well…especially if a lot is in the booty.  Its going to be too heavy for a lot of girls though.  Most girls I’ve trained who have competed in this range have historically had trouble staying lean in the offseason (prior to working with me I mean).

And here is the calculator so you can figure out where you are, and where you need to be.  Please don’t take this to mean that you HAVE to get to this ideal range…if you carry a lot of muscle that you don’t want to shed, then either do figure, or just deal with being a more developed bikini competitor.  You can make up for a lot with your posing, at the regional level at least.

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