Results-Driven Online Bikini Competition Prep Programs

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What Sets Us Apart

We're not your typical bikini competition team. Since we only carry a light load of clients, we're able to do some of the more time-consuming work the big teams can't. This is how we have the highest placing % in the industry since 2010.

Custom Meal Plans AND Macro Targets

Most online bikini prep coaches will either give a cookie-cutter meal plan, or just macro targets. We actually give each client a custom meal plan, AND the option to fit foods into their macros using their favorite apps.

The meal plan is custom built based on your preferred foods, and of course fulfills the macro/micro targets we provide. If you opt to follow the meal plan, you can request revisions at your next check-in, or make swaps on your own in between check-ins.

We generally keep the meal plans fairly complicated recipes with lots of ingredients, and no hard to find foods. You can get as fancy as you want via the option to work with macros though.

Training Plans Built For YOUR Gym

We take the time to build our clients' plans around the facilities they have access to, rather than just giving them a generic 'you can do this anywhere' type plan.

We will ask about your facility before moving forward with enrollment, so we can make sure it's going to be suitable for your situation. If for some reason it's not, we will look into gyms in your area and make recommendations.

In many cases we're able to make a home gym work as well, but we will always be 100% honest as to whether something will work or not. We don't like surprises any more than you do, and you're not paying to have us coach the same mistakes you could make for free on your own.

We make sure you're doing it right

Most online coaches just "assume" their clients are using proper form, applying progressive overload efficiently, and tracking macros correctly. They're wrong way too often.

We take the time to critique your form via bi-weekly video reviews, and adjust your plan accordingly.

We review your training logs to make sure you're handling weight progression correctly (after teaching you how).

And very often we catch errors with macro tracking (macros not adding up to close to the calories logged, etc).

We fix these things early on, BEFORE they can lead to slow or no progress. We help you with this until you don't need help with it anymore.

How it Works

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  • Enroll

  • Execute


Find out our general game plan for you...

Just fill out the application, and we will get back to you with any additional questions. From there, we will give you an overview of what our approach would look like for your specific situation. This will include how long you can expect the process to take, what the phase(s) will look like, etc. You'll of course be able to reply with any questions or concerns.

Choose a Plan


  • CUSTOM Meal Plan + Macros
  • CUSTOM Training
  • Video Review (form check)
  • Posing Coaching (6 weeks out)


  • CUSTOM Meal Plan + Macros
  • CUSTOM Training
  • Video Review (form check)
  • Sustainable Physique