April 20, 2020

Client Spotlight: Kori Black


I was fairly diligent (and very ignorant) in my training and diet when I first attended a small NPC competition.
It looked like fun and a good motivator, but I had no clue how to start preparing for such a thing. My husband offered a personal trainer and we ran across Next Level Bikini Prep on the internet. It has proven to be the best decision I could have made!
Coach Joe is super knowledgable and every aspect of my gym routine and my diet are adjusted and customized for me personally based on my progress. At 4′ 11″, my needs are different than other girls. When my quads began to develop at a faster rate than the rest of me, he quickly corrected things for more balance. When I wanted specific foods, he adjusted my meal plan to make them fit until I was comfortable doing so on my own.
In the beginning, the video analysis of your workouts is invaluable to learn perfect form! No cookie-cutter programs here. He analyzed and customized from all the information I gave him and the client portal combined with email access makes it easy to give him the info he needs in just a few minutes.
So first time on stage, July 2018, 2nd in Open and Nationally Qualified.
Second show in August 2018, 1st in Novice, 1st in Open!
Second season…. May 2019, Kuclo Classic, 3rd in Open.
Then June 2019, Europa Expo Dallas, a huge show!, 2nd in Open, Nationally qualified again!  (1st in Class A went on to win the overall ;).
2019 culminated with a Top 5 in Class A at the Olympia Amateur in Las Vegas in September! 
In 2020 so far I’ve placed 3rd at Olympia Amateur South America, and then 4th at the largest show for bikini division, the Arnold Amateur.
I intend to go Pro this year, but only because I stayed with Next Level. Joe can tell me exactly how many calories per pound of body weight I need to build, maintain, or cut. Everything is done healthy and gradually. No starving and no crazy cardio.
We went back to work… and I spent 4 days in San Diego working directly with Coach Cherish on my routine and posing….. She’s the BOMB!!!
So, going into my third season, it would be easy for me to convince myself that I know all the workouts and how to manage my diet now. But Coach Joe has proven to know exactly how to evolve things to keep me constantly improving beyond what I could achieve on my own!

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