June 21, 2017

Client Transformation: Melanie Barrera


Congratulations to Next Level Bikini Prep client Melanie Barrera on her amazing transformation!  She just did her second show ever, NPC Europa in Dallas, TX.  Her first show ever was NPC Battle of Texas about 6 months prior, where we were able to take home two top 5 medals.  Next show is NPC Battle on the Bay in 2.5 weeks, and then NPC Battle of Texas again in December.

Here is her testimonial:

“I aspired to compete for many years before I sought help to make those dreams come true. I talked to a few coaches before coming across Joe at Next Level. What immediately set him apart from the others is that he gave me a game plan. He outlined everything for me and made everything make sense for a first time competitor. Along the way, he has continued to provide reasoning as to what we are doing and answers all questions I have. He has taught me how to eat to properly fuel my body and does not starve me. He also takes the time to ensure workouts are being done correctly to obtain maximum results! Everything has been tailored to my needs and what works for my body. With all that said, we have been able to completely transform my body, resulting in not only a stage-ready physique, but also an extreme boost of confidence! Together, we brought home two medals from my first show and continue to improve each and every day! I am thrilled with the progress I have experienced this far, and even more thrilled for the progression that has yet to come with Next Level!”

Show # 1 Dec 2016 vs Show # 2 June 2017:

Next Level Bikini Prep Melanie

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