Thank you for inquiring about our online coaching program! We work with competitors, non-competitors, and those who MIGHT want to compete at some time. All our programs are 100% focused on developing the competitor's (bikini or figure) physique, whether you decide to step on stage or not. We offer a MUCH more thorough program than any online contest prep program I've ever seen. We are able to do this because we carry a very light load of clients at all times...about one-tenth as many as the big competition teams, and around half as many as the average team.

The biggest things separating us from most teams/prep coaches are:

  1. We CUSTOMIZE our plans based on your progress, food preferences, and even how your lifting technique looks in your video reviews.
  2. We can and have prepped for all federations.  We are not tied to any one in particular.  We generally go with what we feel is the best fit for the client, when we have multiple to choose from.
  3. We assess and adjust on a bi-weekly basis initially (or on the fly for urgent matters), and more frequently towards the end of prep.
  4. We take the time to review/critique video of you doing the lifts, and adjust your training accordingly, rather than just throwing random workouts at you like most online coaches would.
  5. We account for your food preferences in your CUSTOM meal plan, and all of our clients have the option to fit foods into macro targets from day 1.  So basically, we do a version of "IIFYM", but we don't just leave our clients hanging if they're not comfortable working with macro targets...we give a meal plan to fall back on.  That meal plan can be customized as needed by us, or by you or both.
  6. We include TAILORED posing training, suit selection, etc...SPECIFIC to your physique. Or You can work with your own posing coach if you have one you like.
  7. We only do FULL preps (diet, training, and supplementation). We don't do diet only, or training's either both or nothing at all. We feel it's best to have the same coach handle diet and training, as they generally need to be adjusted in conjunction with one another rather than independently.  You can do your posing either with us or with a different posing coach though.
  8. We are fairly light on supplementation, and don't buy into the supplement industry hype. We generally limit supplementation to tried and true sports nutrition supplements such as vitamin C, magnesium, fish oil, probiotics, etc. Some of our clients who need to build will (optionally) take creatine, citrulline malate, and beta alanine. We pretty often start off with no ADDED supplements at all, as many people are sensitive to pills and some of the fillers used in common supplements, so we prefer to not throw too many new variables into the mix at once.

Some things we expect from our clients...these are requirements/pre-requisites to the program:

  1. Solid adherence to the plan from day 1.  If there is anything in your plan that isn't practical, we would want you to communicate that concern to us right away so we can make an adjustment.
  2. A fairly predictable schedule, so you can get to the gym. Our average program requires 5 days per week in the gym.  Weight training sessions are on average 60-75 minutes.  We do keep cardio down as low as we can get away with for the individual...which is usually pretty low (3 days of 30 minutes is our average until later in prep where it may go up just a little).   The only time we really go higher on cardio is for girls who need to LOSE muscle for bikini (e.g., transitioning from Figure to bikini, or just naturally more muscular), but in that case weight training sessions could be shorter so you don't end up with too much time in the gym overall.
  3. Be in good enough health to partake in a fairly intense training program, and a moderate (by competitor's standards) nutrition program.

Everything above combined with our clients' hard work and effective communication makes us THE highest placing % bikini team in the industry since 2010. About 90% of our girls place top 5, and MOST of them had never competed before!

There is no contract, but we do require 30 days (emailed) notice to cancel.  We DO pro-rate the final payment.

Our pricing is $250 USD for the first month, and $210/month USD thereafter.  You can pay via credit card or debit/bank card, and payments are recurring/automatic each month. 


We will begin with a very short application (below) so that we can have the info we need to advise you. Please feel free to email [email protected] if you have any questions not already covered hereā€¦but please read everything above first!

I would also recommend spending some time reading our bikini prep articles, to get a better idea of our philosophy and general approach, although this isn't necessary to follow our programs. And of course, our amazing client testimonials/transformations page to see what our clients say about us. Visit our Instagram page (@nextlevelbikiniprep) for the most up to date view of what we are up to (note that we don't do much social media, as we were an established company before social media became a big thing...we'd rather spend time focusing on coaching, improving our systems, etc).

Hopefully we've covered most everything here, but again, please feel free to email me at [email protected] if you need more info. If you would like an estimate on how long it will likely take to get you stage ready, we will need the application below first.

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