next level bikini prep krystal testimonial

Krystal Kammeyer

NPC National Level Bikini Competitor

Coachman; (coach•man), noun/- an extraordinary personal trainer of tremendous versatility, intelligence, and discipline who is hilarious, kind, and genuine. The only one of its kind and a blessing from God in the fitness world.

My association with Joe, aka "Coachman" and NLPT began in November 2012. It all started with the free fitness consultation and we slowly began our journey into training! In the beginning, I was not at all interested in Bikini Competing, I just wanted to look like a competitor..a fake.  I honestly started because I felt "fat" and unhealthy just like the typical woman does. Right away, Coachman gave me meal plans and my workout schedule. With no real goal in mind, I wasn't taking it seriously. I barely followed the plan and I definitely wasn't seeing the results as fast as I wanted. With my low motivation and my intense 12 hour work days, I decided to take a break from training in general. I still remained in close contact while he monitored my diet and workouts.  Several months later, I ended up landing a great new job that allowed more time for fitness and I decided that it was time for a serious change. In July 2013, I decided to compete and prove to everyone including coachman, that I was strong and capable of "struttin' my stuff" out on that stage.  In August/September, we started training again and I started seeing results immediately! I followed the plan almost exactly and I felt incredible. I was more motivated than ever before.

I'm almost positive, that my relationship with coachman is unlike any other.  Since I live in San Diego, and I have no idea how to walk in a gym without killing someone or myself, coachman trained my in the gym as well as online training. We would train several days a week at World Gym in Pacific Beach, one of the biggest competitive gyms in California. Now, not only did coachman have to deal with my many mood swings while dieting, he also had the privilege of seeing me daily! I'm sure he was thrilled! Let me tell ya, teaching me, of all people how to lift weights while staying calm is a process!

Being in the gym so often, gave me the opportunity to meet several "Gym-rats", other personal trainers, and prep-coaches. Although, I think many of them are great and their bodies look like they were carved from stone...I was  more confident than ever in my coach and believe that he is hands down, the best in the industry. I was not just a number..He cared and I mattered..end of story.

In Novemeber of 2013, Coachman and some of the other NLPT team(Belles of Steel)including myself, traveled to Arizona to compete in one of the biggest NPC competitions of the year. 519 competitors, 30 in my class, and I came out 4th! It was my first ever bikini competition and I felt so proud of myself for walking out there and workin' my new body! Not to mention, we also brought home 5th and 3rd place In 2 other classes! Being backstage, allowed me to witness first hand what many other woman competing that day had to go through. Some were starving, had no ass, were on 2 hours of cardio daily, and ignored. So many women were on "cookie-cutter" diet plans that were basically instructions on how to become anorexic!

Training and preparing me for those bright lights, was not easy! I would have never survived with an "ordinary coach". As embarrassing as it is, I have IBS, possible Colitis, and Endometriosis. Plus, I worked 12 hours 6-7 days of every week and I am probably the worlds largest stress case! Coachman took the time to research my medical issues and manage my bloating and health. He customized my plan weekly and adjusted it to accommodate my many many wants and needs. I never felt starved, depleted, weak, or miserable. I always had plenty of food and water up until and after the moment I went on stage!... And I had an ass! 🙂

Becoming a Bikini Competitor was surprisingly an amazing, life changing experience. I have never felt better in my entire life. I feel good, I look good, and I have a fun new hobby that has introduced me to some pretty awesome people. I'm sure you hear that everyone has "the best coach ever, blah blah".. But I will say it again... Mine is the best in the industry and any one would be lucky to be a part of Next Level Personal Training! I am going to continue my training and I am so excited for what my future as a Next Level Bikini Team member has in store.