June 11

Will I have to carb/sodium/water deplete before my show?


ABSOLUTELY.  NOT.  Most of the pre-contest manipulation “tricks” are really only useful for drug using bodybuilders, since some of the drugs they take can cause massive water retention.  For naturals, and particularly for bikini competitors, there is NO need to do any of this and it will more often than not just make you look worse than the week before (and after) your show.  Not to mention the female physiology just doesn’t often respond well to extreme stress while lean and dieting on low cals to begin with.  We will very often bring carbs UP 1-2 days before the show, which does more to shed water than ANY of the aforementioned “tricks” do.  And this will either be a very conservative increase, or if we go bigger, we will have “tested” things by having you do regular high carb refeed days the weeks leading up to this point.  NOTHING new and NOTHING drastic in the final stages of prep!

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