June 11

When do you move to strict meal plans? 6 weeks out?


Why fix what isn’t broken?  If we’ve committed to a show with you, that generally means what we’ve been doing is working.  So if you’ve been working with macros, we would keep you working with macros indefinitely, and if anything, just get more in-depth with guidelines.  For example, at a few weeks out from your show, we might want to keep bloating down all day just so we can better see what we are working with physique wise.  So we would simply have you be more careful with what kinds of veggies you opt to eat, and have you limit foods that you know tend to bloat you.  If we start doing refeeds, we would either give you a meal plan for your refeed day, or guidelines for that day as well.  Again, we will make sure you know what to do and that you never have to eat anything you dislike or don’t tolerate well.

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