June 11

Do you give meal plans or is it “IIFYM”/Macros?



Why not BOTH?  All of our clients are allowed to request foods/recipes to be worked into their custom meal plans, which we can revise bi-weekly upon request.  We do usually start off with strictly meal plans for the first couple weeks, since it is much easier to get baseline calorie/macro targets established when intake (not just calories/macros, but sodium, potassium and micronutrients) isn’t all over the place one day to the next.  But then we quickly move to allowing the client to fit foods in on their own, and some even opt to have 100% control over their food choices, working just with macro targets and a few guidelines.  We NEVER hear complaints about our meal plans being boring, or the client not knowing what to do with macro targets and guidelines.  We also review food logs initially for clients who are working with macros…just until we can see that they have it down.

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