August 19

How does the training work? Do I need to belong to a gym?


Yes, unfortunately we do not have contest prep programs for home gyms so you would definitely need to belong to a reasonably well equipped gym. You also need to know your way AROUND the gym…e.g., how to perform basic lifts with proper technique, what training at a high intensity means/feels like, and most importantly, the difference between pain and normal discomfort from training. If you fall into this category, and are self motivated, online training could work very well for you.  Our programs do include exercise demo videos (many of which are performed by our lovely clients!) and misc written notes, since there can be numerous variations of a given exercise.  And of course, you will be given details on sets, reps, rest between sets/circuits, average starting weights and overall intensity level.  For cardio/interval training, you will be given frequency, duration, intensity and other key variables/instructions.  If there is ever any part of the program you don’t understand, PLEASE send us an email right away rather than waiting for the bi-weekly.

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